Volunteer at Ashland Winter Shelters


CLICK HERE to Download Orientation Handouts.

Click “Play Button” Below to Watch Shelter Volunteer Orientation…

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Ashland OR Winter Shelters!

Join us in keeping our Ashland OR community members safe and warm with a “no frills” overnight shelter (7:30pm-7:30am) from mid-November 2017 to mid-April 2018.

SHELTER SCHEDULE 2017-2018 (7:30pm-7:30am)

  • Sunday: Pioneer Hall, 73 Winburn Way
  • Monday: Presbyterian Church, 1615 Clark Ave
  • Tuesday: Pioneer Hall, 73 Winburn Way
  • Wednesday: Trinity Episcopal Church, 44 N 2nd St
  • Thursday: Pioneer Hall, 73 Winburn Way
  • Friday: Pioneer Hall, 73 Winburn Way

Click Here to Download Volunteer Job Descriptions


  1. Download and print handouts for Orientation video – click here 
  2. Follow us on Facebook at Facebook.com/AshlandWinterShelters
  3. Watch the Orientation video above (click “play button” on video above)
  4. Download and print job descriptions – click here
  5. Sign Volunteer Acknowledgment and Release Form after page 6 of handouts (next step: scan and email to Volunteer Coordinator)
  6. IF you want to co-host at Pioneer Hall, get background check at Ashland Police Department (next step: email or call Volunteer Coordinator with results)
  7. Schedule your volunteer hours on the Google spreadsheet… the sign up link is provided in the handouts (page 4).


VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR (Ashland OR Winter Shelters)

  • Heidi Parker-Shames 541-482-1520 parkershames@gmail.com
  • Assisted by Kathleen Hering 530-210-9886




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