NEXT LEVEL Consulting

Top U.S. charities of all sizes hire Phil Johncock as a consultant to “take their businesses to the NEXT LEVEL.”

What does that look like? See three examples below of Ashland’s Winter Shelter, Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits (ANN) and Jean Houston Foundation!

Whether it’s two days, three months, a year or even five years, Phil uses his “can do now” attitude, strategic mind, integrity skills and “completion genius” with 40+ years experience to spark innovation and creativity with outrageous success.

Is your nonprofit poised to move to the NEXT LEVEL?

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Example 1 – Ashland’s Winter Shelter

  • Over $1 million in funding for three (3) years of community funding (58%) and state grant funding (42%) for the FY 2018-19 winter shelter season at four (4) sites and for two FY 2019-22 winter seasons at One Site… while the community designs and builds a permanent shelter.
  • Seven nights/week for 127 screened homeless at four (4) venues and extreme weather “warming center” for 174 unhoused residents from Nov 11, 2018 through Apr 13, 2019 by coordinating twelve (12) community partners (i.e., 7 faith-based institutions, 4 nonprofits and City of Ashland).
  • Managed 375 volunteers who donated 5,959 hours (value = $151,041) filling 1,242 positions, a 60% increase from 2017-18.
  • 100% of Ashland’s Winter Shelter guests now were pre-screened and had full medical coverage and transportation (3,792 bus rides purchased).
  • A Type 2 application to Jackson County submitted for a special, temporary use permit for a single location called “One Site” (the former Rogue Valley Church at 2082 East Main St), met with neighbors, purchased a mini-bus to transport guests to/from One Site, met with the County Planner and prepared One Site for occupancy (scheduled to open Nov 1, 2019).

…in only 6 1/2 months.

Example 2 – Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits (ANN)


  •  $1,691,624.23 in savings to the nonprofit sector,
  • Bringing together Northern and Southern Nevada nonprofit leadership (no small feat in the 7th largest US state),
  • A Google Ad Grant generating generated over 46,467 clicks to ANN’s websites,
  • 21,105 hours of professional development,
  • 6,762 nonprofit leaders trained,
  • Growing ANN’s email list from 400 to 4,236, growing traffic to ANN’s websites from 24 to 5,634 visitors/month,
  • More than 400 memberships processed,
  • Over 100 events offered through Eventbrite,
  • Over 45 webinar recordings in ANN’s Training Archive,
  • A successful transition from Roundtables (costing 45% of expenses and generating only 2% of revenue) to Regional Conferences (Las Vegas and Reno) that generated $27,022.61 in 2014, and
  • A sustainable virtual business model with 11 revenue streams…

…while being paid only 15 hours/week.

Example 3 – Jean Houston Foundation

Over $162,000 was generated for the Jean Houston Foundation through the design and successful coordination of the 8-day Social Artistry Leadership Institute entitled “Game Changers” in 2016. Over 400 people attended at least one event at the Institute. 100 leaders participated in the full 8 days from as far away as Nepal.

Many refer to the Institute as “life-changing.” Here are a few more comments from attendees:

  • “You brought structure and joy.” (Debra)
  • “You were a key ally in fulfilling my dream.” (Dick)
  • “You made it all work.” (HR)
  • “You are so BEYOND in service and love.” (Peggy)
  • “(You’re a) joy builder.”
  • “You are Great!” (Sabina)

After the event, we took 8 months to designed a Self-Study Course (over 50 hours of instruction) based on audio and video recordings of the Social Artistry Leadership Institute. The self-study course was designed in three delivery formats: 1) 36 CDs and 3-ring binder manual, 2) flashdrive and 3) digital version. It was available for 36 Continuing Education (CE) credits for licensed health professionals in California: Nurses, Social Workers, Marriage & Family Therapists and more.