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After 40 years of consulting with top companies and coaching professionals in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, I'm proud to offer you access to the calendar of free eBooks of timely wisdom from my collection of 1 Hour Kindle reads!

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Next Level Consulting

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Ashland, OR


About the CEO

A genius completer, Phil authored and published 11 books in 3 years (2003-3006) and 11 more books in 3 months in 2017 (January - March). He coaches people interested in completing their books in less than 6 weeks and creating "back end funnels" to make more money!

Breezy ease and welcoming curiosity are the first markers that something different is happening when I’m connected to Phil’s Listening Genius. He is interested and fully present with no agenda other than deeply hearing what’s emerging. The listening was better than the meal, which is saying something for the unique restaurant where we ate and conversed.

Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks, Best-Selling Author

Since I worked with Phil, I have completed three books and an audio CD set, all of which I had been putting off and not completing, as well as launching a new business and expanding my career exponentially.  I can’t tell you how valuable it is to learn how to complete things in your life. It has changed my life. I consider Phil to be a Genius Completer.

Megan Sillito, Life Coach

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