COMPLETION Coaching Filling Up Fast…

A Genius Completer, Phil authored and published 11 books in 3 years (2003-3006) and 11 more books in 3 months in 2017 (January – March). By phone and Zoom, Phil coaches people interested in completing their books in less than 6 weeks and creating “back end funnels” to make more money!

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Complete your book in as little as 6 weeks!


Since I worked with Phil, I have completed three books and an audio CD set, all of which I had been putting off and not completing, as well as launching a new business and expanding my career exponentially.  

I can’t tell you how valuable it is to learn how to complete things in your life. It has changed my life. I consider Phil to be a Genius Completer.

Phil helped me in a loving way to see where I was stopping myself from completion and what my fears were, and assisted me in directly facing into those in such a way that I was easefully able to move into completions in a whole new way.

Thank you, Phil.

     –Megan Sillito, Salt Lake City, UT

If you’re considering having Phil help you, do it now! I say that because that is Phil’s approach to life: why keep putting if off when you can do it now. You will be amazed at how this guide will cut through the ‘red tape’ that would have been a hopeless obstacle to some of us. This gentle, happy, brilliant man is so good at what he does, he makes you look and feel good about yourself. I know of none better. Do it now!

     –Dr. Richard Dalton, Jefferson City, MO